Sawtooth Lacing

The Basics of Customizing Your Shoelaces

Custom red shoelaces are used to secure footwear like boots, shoes, etc. Losing the lace will not allow the shoe to open wide enough for the foot to be inserted or removed and tightening the lace secures the foot to be inside the shoe. They consist of a pair of cords or one for each shoe. Each shoelace passes through a series of holes on either side of the shoe. Shoelaces were made up of leather, cotton, and other materials that used in the manufacture of rope. Smooth synthetic shoelaces looks have less roughness, less susceptible to rotting from moisture and less wear from friction. Custom shoelaces on boots are mainly used by firefighters and are applied with fibers like flame resistant nomex.

They are different varieties of shoelace are Elastic laces, Knotty laces and Twirly laces. Wearing shoes with different colors and sizes become more fashion. The fashion shoelaces are made to produce a better quality with varieties of colors and sizes. The thin round dress shoelace are made up of polyester for flexibility and strength. This increases the picture count as much higher than the standard shoelace which helps this to stay tied better than the standard shoelace. They are 29 colors with 7 different lengths are available to provide style to your dress shoes. Fashion thin round dress shoelace contains brass metal tips, silver metal tips and black metal tips and regular tips, etc. Different shoelaces are designed for different purposes. For Athletic or Casual shoes, the shoelaces will be too thin. Dress shoes are designed for Fashion dress round shoelaces. The different colors of shoelaces are Black, Brown, Pink, White, Orange, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Ice Blue, Vanilla Cream, Olive Green, Kelly Green, Lilac, Turquoise, Gray, etc. The different length of shoelaces are 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 45 inch, 54 inch, 63 inch, and 72 inch. The shoelaces have standard width, that is 1/8 inch diameter. They are different methods to lace shoes. They are Criss Cross Lacing, Over Under Lacing, Gap Lacing, Straight European Lacing, Straight Bar Lacing, Straight Easy Lacing, Biking Lacing, Hiking Lacing, Shoe Shop Lacing, Sawtooth Lacing, etc.

The custom shoelaces often contain logos to promote your organization, company, etc. They can even be used to show your team spirit for your favorite sports team or alma mater, or to express your individuality by including a design that says something about your personality. Everyone can choose from a different type of colors and length to print company logo or even your own ideas. Customizing your shoelace is not particularly difficult once you understand the basics. Printing logos or your own ideas on the shoelace is a relatively recent phenomenon but will not fade away any time soon.